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Deutsche Internationale Schule Beirut

German International School Beirut



Our mission is to create lifelong learners who possess the competencies, confidence and knowledge to meet the challenges that face them. Living in a diverse society and in globalized world, we work on graduating students who are contributing members of society, tolerant of others and empowered to shape their own future.

Lifelong Learners


- Independent reflective learners
- 21st century technology and Teaching Strategies
- Continuous professional development for all faculty members

Social Learners


- Intercultural communication and interaction
- Multi cultural / multilingual school community
- German culture awareness
- Social action and service
- Developing team spirit and skills
- Ethical and principled individuals

Academic Learners


- Student centered teaching
- Student activating learning
- Inquiry based approach
- Methodological competence
- German language proficiency
- Meeting national and international standards

Autonomous Learners


- Differentiated learning strategies
- Integrated teaching and learning
- Social and personal education and cooperation