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Deutsche Internationale Schule Beirut

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Admissions - Admission Requirements

Admission Policy


The Admissions Office follows a “first come first serve” policy in order to ensure that every application is studied on an individual basis as soon as it is received. Once there are no more available places in a certain class, application requests will no longer be accepted.


Please see below the details regarding our admissions procedures and other related information.


Admission Procedure


The following outlines the procedure for applying to DISB. Interested parents are advised to visit the school website (www.dsb.edu.lb) for further details. Moreover, orientation meetings and/or visits may be arranged for parents before or after the submission of the application.  


1) Sending e-mail to request application/Applying Online


Interested parents are asked to send an email to admissions@dsb.edu.lb to express their wish to register their child/children at DISB. In the email, the following information should be provided:


  • full name of applicant (first name, father’s name and family name)
  • date of birth of applicant
  • applicant’s nationality (or nationalities)
  • parents’ telephone numbers (Mobile phone & landline)
  • name and location of applicant’s current school, present grade level (if applicable)
  • preferred campus to register your child/ren (Beirut or Naameh)


2) Application pick up & Appointment


When you pick up the application , on the spot an administrative assistant will set an appointment for your child for an assessment evaluation during which you will be required also to submit the application complete.


3) Assessment evaluation & Result  


Once an assessment evaluation is done, you will receive an answer within 1 working day.


4)  Registration


If accepted you will then have 3 days to register your child for the AY 16-17. Registration is at our accounting offices in Beirut Branch. ( registration fee will be sent via email) 


An orientation session will be held by the administration when deemed necessary, you may access all the information about the school by downloading the school handbook from our website www.dsb.edu.lb

Note. Places are limited; failing to adhere to any deadline will disqualify your application in order to provide opportunities for other applicants.
Should you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to send us an email at admissions@dsb.edu.lb


Criteria for Admissions at DISB


* Admissions Office at DISB follows the policy “first come first serve”

* All applicants must proceed according to the admissions policy of DISB

* The German International School Beirut/Deutsche Internationale Schule Beirut does NOT offer Program Support for Special Education or students with Special Needs