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Deutsche Internationale Schule Beirut

German International School Beirut

Daily Work Files (Lessons Explanation) Access for Parents Beirut & Doha (A.Y. 18-19)

* What is the Purpose of this Project?
This project aims to:
- enable students to have all the records of what is being done in class in order to review at home
- give chance for students who miss any class to get the absence material
- keep parents posted about the lessons being explained in all subjects in order to do the necessary follow-up on their performance and homework

* What Material Gets Saved?
The material saved includes the flip-charts (of the interactive white board), class presentations, and worksheets used in class. The flip-charts will include the teacher's notes and the homework assigned for the upcoming session.

* Technical Notes:
- You will need to use your DSB Gmail Account and password to access the files.
- File upload will be complete by teachers at 4 pm everyday.
- You will 
​need t
download the file if you want to use it and not only view it on google drive.
​- You will only be able to access the section of your child and not any other class/section​

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.