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Deutsche Internationale Schule Beirut

German International School Beirut

Doha Branch: http://grades.dsb.edu.lb

Beirut Branch: http://grades2.dsb.edu.lb

Dear Parents K-12,

If you have any follow-up questions regarding the below, please REFRAIN from replying to this email, as we will not be able to track the large number of responses in one email thread. If you have any questions or concerns, please write a separate email to the teacher you would like to contact. 


Kindly note that you can access and check the grades of your child regularly throughout the year. Teachers will be posting the grades of all quizzes, tests and daily work tasks once they mark them.Grades are updated on a ​daily basis. 


·      An individual email will be sent to you specifying the username and password you can use to be able to access the skills/grades​


·      Please note that from now on, teachers will not send failing notifications by e-mail (to Grades 4-12), as you are capable of seeing all the grades on a daily basis.

·      On another hand, the skills evaluation in KG's, Gr 1-3, and the skill-based subjects in Gr 4-12 will be filled only by the end of every term (December 22nd, March 31

​st ​
, and June 17

For KGs and Grades 1 till 3, please note the following explanation of the skills evaluation terms:

VG: Very Good

G: Good

P: Progressing

NI: Needs Improvement

NA: Not Applicable (this means that the skill is not filled yet/ or not covered for this term, and will be assessed at a later point in the year)