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Deutsche Internationale Schule Beirut

German International School Beirut

HR - DISB Human Resource and Staff Community

At the German International School Beirut/Deutsche Internationale Schule Beirut, the Human Resource Department is set to guide and manage employees towards the school's mission, vision and regulations. It helps ensure that all employees are qualified and remain up to date on the latest advances in their field.


We aim to recruit qualified employees who are life-long learners and strive for professional development.


We provide


•Orientation, development and training (Teacher Training)

•Performance management, improvement system and organization development (Professional and Personal Development)



Recruitment Training:
—Prior to recruitment, teachers are required to sit for an interview during which they are given a detailed job description and briefing of school regulations. They are also asked to download the school handbook for details.
Teachers are informed via email prior to signing the contract the professional development is required of them. Kindly find below part of the orientation letter(Professional Development is a culture and ritual at DISB for all employees. It is our belief that constant learning and seeking of knowledge assures better employee performance)
Orientation training:
Prior to commencing school a two-week orientation workshop is held for all staff. During the orientation, teachers attend workshops about Teaching methods, school polices, high-tech classrooms. General Meetings and departmental meetings are held during these two weeks
Job training:
Throughout the year, fixed monthly departmental meetings are held for teachers with their department for feedback and training Class Observations help teacher training, it is done through Tandem and administrative class visit
a tandem teacher is assigned for every teacher at the beginning of the year.
The administration is available throughout the working day for teachers and any guidance or orientation. After school hours the DISB email is available for teachers to voice any concern or question they might have
throughout the scholastic year 4 annual General meetings are held for feedback and training


Professional & Personal Development (workshops):


Individual meetings are held with employees for feedback, self-evaluation and setting personal objectives. A work plan is set on how the objectives will be covered


On-Campus workshops are held for teachers throughout the scholastic year for training, such as Approaches to Learning and Informational Technology workshops to meet the needs of the high tech classrooms


On-Campus Language courses are offered for teachers who would like to develop their language skills


An Internal Workshop Retreat, towards the end of the second semester, is planned during which teachers and admin exchange feedback, suggestions, expertise and training


Teachers of International Baccalaureate and German International Baccalaureate have to attend IB workshops annually in order to keep their knowledge and practices up to date


German Department teachers also participate in workshops by REFO and German Schools in Egypt


The school financially supports postgraduate studies that serve to improve the knowledge and instructional practices  


The school registers approximately 10-15 Workshops abroad and 5-10 local Workshops annually. Workshop attendees are required to fill in an evaluation report upon completion of the workshop as well as presenting the information acquired to the remaining teachers within the department at school.